We’re a wife and husband photographer team.

We have a love (maybe a passion, but let’s go with love because it sounds less hot and heavy) for photographing people – families, couples, individuals.  All of them.

Well, most of them.

We’re more interested in capturing the moments that typically escape the camera’s lens.  The ones that aren’t posed or guided or “Move your arm to the right a little” or “Now everyone look over here and… big smiles!”

We love the moments where mom gets bowled over by her son, running full tilt because she said he could have a cookie.  The moments where she just needed a hug because she was so frustrated she just couldn’t stand it anymore and broke down in tears, and dad was there to quietly comfort her.

The real moments.

Plus some of those staged ones because who doesn’t want the best Christmas card in the family, right?



I love the action and the interaction in photographing weddings – the organized chaos, the barely contained (and often not contained) emotions, the quiet moments shared between couples and those important to them, the madness that ensues when everyone cuts loose after all the formalities are taken care of.

I look for the shared moments between family members, friends, even strangers. 

My background in architecture means that I shy away from tilted photos.

I love a good laugh.  I love a good coffee.  I love a good tune.  And I love my family.  I want people to have the same joy when they see photos of their family – on their wedding day, while we went for a walk in the park, when we met in their back yard – as I have when I see the real moments that we capture of our own family.



You'll often find me running around and chasing my kids for just one more photo, or patiently waiting for them to forget that I have my camera or fading into the background.  On the last wedding my husband and I photographed, I was given a nickname of 'The Photo Ninja' because they wondered how I was able to get "that photo" because they didn't even realize I was in the room!

I am passionate about photographing families, and capturing the momenrts throughout the day in a documentory 'Day in the Life' style.  Unposed, candid moments with true expression and connections.

I realized  one day, while looking through our family photos, that my photographer husband was in nearly none of them and we rarely had any photos of the four of us.